buyer blur

buyer blur
(BY.ur blur)
Feeling confused and overwhelmed by a profusion of consumer choices, particularly when looking at real estate properties.
Example Citation:
Experienced agents are reluctant to pack more than four or five stops into a house-hunting tour because they fear their clients will suffer from "buyer blur." But Ottwein has a solution: Use a digital camera to jog memories. During a marathon home tour, your agent can snap images and upload them to his laptop computer for later review.
— Ellen James Martin, "Tips for home buyers in a hurry," Chicago Tribune, October 25, 2002
Earliest Citation:
The home buyer was an engineer making a corporate transfer from one state to another.
Though a motivated buyer, he'd given little thought to what he truly wanted. And given the unfocused nature of his search, he found it tough to recall the properties his real estate agent had shown him.
"After three houses, he told me, `Man, this is overwhelming; we're going too fast,' " recalls Fred Libardoni, the RE/MAX broker-associate who was assisting the engineer.
Realizing that his client was suffering from "buyer blur," Libardoni temporarily halted the house tour, which was expected to cover 12 properties that day. He put his car in park and had a brief talk with the engineer, helping him gain a clearer focus.
— Ellen James Martin, "Smart Moves," Portland Oregonian, March 1, 1998
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